Overseas education – Separating myths from facts​

Study abroad for higher education’. This sentence usually evokes many types of feelings, all at the same time. Personal fears and conflicting advice adds to the confusion, leading to lack of clarity and built up of false facts. 

So, let’s clear the air and separate myths from study abroad facts.

Its too expensive

Fair point. Study abroad is expensive for those who cannot invest in higher education.

However, if you are one of those who can, and compare the cost of studying in a premier Indian institute to a college / university in top international study abroad country, then the difference in cost is not that big. Moreover, you could cover the cost by part-time work and lucrative post-study work opportunities in the host country. 

Overseas education is an investment that more often than not pays rich dividends.

Application process is so confusing

Far from the truth. You may find it confusing because its not what you do, you are not aware about the steps. Yes, the application process consists of several protocols that need to be carefully adhered to. Selecting the college based on your interests and merits, admission application, financial preparation, documentation, visa interview, etc. These are not rugged mountains, and in any case, you don’t have to climb them. 

Connect with us to understand about these simple. Our guidance could help you secure college admission effortlessly.  

If I miss main intake, I waste a year

This is a growing misconception among students. Yes, the main intake is important for obvious reasons. A large number of college seats are filled during the main intake. Secondary intake, however, is no less in terms of quality of education, faculties or facilities. 

Most colleges / universities – generally speaking – offer two intakes. Check with your chosen educational institute and enquire about all intakes and the difference between them. 

Foreign country, culture scares me

A small part is fear of the unknown, but mostly it is anxiety of stepping out of the comfort zone – your friends, family and familiar landscapes. This fear and anxiety would evaporate quickly and easily. 

Studying abroad could potentially change your personality and perspective in more than one way. Experiences earned in the host country, its people and your fellow students from many other countries, would be nothing short of a treasure-trove.  

I’ll miss out on many things  

Yes. You will miss your friends and family. But you won’t miss out on vivid cultural exchanges and experiences. You won’t miss out on academic excellence and global career opportunities. Most importantly, your family won’t miss out on seeing you reach your potential, being proud of the person you’d become.

So, what really are you going to miss out on?  

The topics covered above are some of the common myths. Do you have some other concerns that’s stopping you in deciding whether to study abroad or not? Connect with us for an in-depth one-to-one counselling. 

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