Student Health Insurance – Key Points To Consider

The decision to study abroad for academic and career excellence has been taken. Documentation is ready. Visa interview preparation is in full swing. Student loan & finances and student accommodation options are shortlisted. 

In the excitement and busy ’ness of completing all other aspects of study abroad process, the questions to ask while opting for the right health insurance usually takes the back seat. Let’s get them on top of the list. 

Health insurance is crucial to secure student’s unforeseen medical expenses while studying abroad. Hence, it is perhaps one of the most important things to decide early on in the process.

Here is a list of facts you would want to consider in choosing the right health insurance.

Study Abroad Country

What is the weather in your chosen study abroad country? Are you allergic to cold, dust or rains? Does your health take a toll in certain weather conditions? If the answer is yes, you may want to carefully assess those aspects before choosing the health insurance plan.

Also, it is advisable to go for a full-body check-up before immigrating. It could help you in deciding the right health insurance features.

Every study abroad country has specific student health insurance requirement. Ensure that you are aware about it to the last detail. Connect with us for all the information on student health insurance.

Coverage Amount

What could be the right coverage amount? Of course, the study abroad country would have its own mandates; but it would be wise to opt for a health insurance plan with a cover that suits your own existing or anticipated medical needs. 

Double-check whether the health insurance policy of chosen coverage amount covers dental, vision and mental healthcare or not. Remember, healthcare – generally speaking – is expensive in most top study abroad international destinations. 

Cost Comparison 

Opt for the best-suited student health insurance and then compare its cost of same / similar plans of other health insurance companies. Don’t settle for the cheapest. Study the features of each company and select the one that covers every need. Seek help from your elders, or from someone who is already studying abroad. 


Confirm that the chosen health insurance company has network providers in your study abroad country, and also check the width of the network. It is advisable to purchase health insurance from a company that is preferred by the host country, or a company who has an extensive network of hospitals and doctors accepting the plan. 


Purchase your health insurance from a reputed company. Check the shortlisted company’s website, comments and ratings. Speak to the customer care for any queries or concerns you may have before making the purchase.

Fine Print

Reading the terms & conditions could be a boring thing, but understanding them is very important. Remember that you would be in a foreign country and you may not have your parents or close relatives to help you there. Therefore, understanding the student health insurance plan’s terms & conditions is unavoidable.  

We advise all students to consider health insurance as a top priority, and opt for a

suitable plan at an appropriate time. Reach out to us if you want to know more details about student health insurance.

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