U.S student visa woes – How to overcome them

Pursuing academic excellence in the U.S. is a dream of many international students. Would it surprise you that it is one of the top 3 international study abroad destinations? Studying in the U.S. is also a top choice of Indian students. However, many student visas are rejected, leading to discouragement and disappointment.

Let us understand the reasons why U.S. student visas are rejected, and steps to take to ensure that it does not happen with you. 

  1. Non-compliance of visa regulations: The U.S. is very strict on immigration security. Not complying with rules & regulations laid down by the U.S. immigration authorities is one of the more common reasons for U.S. student visa rejection. Connect with us to know about these regulations, and to begin preparation for a successful U.S. study visa process.
  2. Incomplete and / or delayed application: Have you ever got marks for leaving a question unanswered? Just like that, you won’t get your U.S. study visa by leaving blank columns in the application form. Write ‘N.A.’ to the question / detail irrelevant to you, but never leave it blank. Remember that the U.S. receives about 1,50,000 student visa applications every year from all over the world. The queue is long, and moreover, the U.S. immigration authority is quite particular about processing visa applications within a timeframe, depending upon the location of your chosen college / university. It is therefore advisable that you begin the application process as soon as you have secured college admission.
  3. Academic inadequacy: Below-par GRE / GPA score and / or below-average overall academic records could be a major reason for U.S. student visa rejection. Even the ranking of chosen college / university could matter a lot. Be well-informed about this aspect before you rush to apply for U.S. student visa.
  4. No intention to return back: If the U.S. visa authority gets the slightest of whiff that you do not intend to return back to India, your study in U.S. dream will remain a dream. Honestly demonstrate about your close ties with family and friends, cultural affinity, etc. to confirm that you would eventually want to return back to India.
  5. Insufficient funds: We suppose this is the first thing you would have considered before deciding to study in U.S. You will have to show proof of finances as applicable and accepted by the U.S. visa authority.
  6. Bad travel history: Overstaying in a country, indulging in activities against law of the land, denied visa in past… These are some of the reasons factored as ‘bad travel history’. And bad travel history makes for a certain rejection of U.S. student visa.
  7. Bad visa interview: So many Indian students fret at the very mention of U.S. student visa interview. They need not. It is a simple enough process… the visa officer wants to know things about a student in accordance with the rules. That’s it! Although, preparing for the interview is as crucial as appearing for it confidently.

We hope that you would use this information to your advantage. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need further clarity on the topic.

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