Student visa rejections – Reasons and Solutions

Pursuing academic excellence in a top international study destination is a dream come true for bright students. The dream, however, could turn out to be a nightmarish experience if proper processes and protocols are not followed.

As per data published in 2022, the visa rejection rate for the year 2021 – 2022 was a whopping 41%! Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons for this unfortunate issue, and how you can avoid making the mistake that the 41% made

Reason # 1: Financial Standing

This is one of the top reasons for student visa rejection. Proper proof of availability of funds required during the study period is a must. So, what constitutes proof of funds? Bank account statements, investment certificates, student loan with a proper CIBIL score, among many others.

But on whose name the funds must be? Is a joint bank account valid? What is an accepted CIBIL score if student loan is availed? Connect with us for a personal interview, our experienced study abroad counsellors will guide you through the entire process.

Reason # 2: Academic Records

Inconsistency in academics – long study gaps without proper explanation, major variations in scores / grades – could be a ground for study visa rejection. However, this aspect is not sacrosanct – different study abroad countries have different parameters to evaluate academic records.

Connect with us to know which countries are more lenient and which are not in evaluation of academic records.

Reason # 3: Improper Documentation

This probably is a top reason for study visa rejection. Not providing complete set of documents, not translating the documents in English – if & wherever applicable, not submitting or incorrect submission of college admission letter, not signing at appropriate places are some of the many reasons why study visa could get rejected.

Connect with us for end-to-end assistance in documentation and study visa application process. We provide complete assistance – from documentation to departure. 

Reason # 4: Intent of Return

The visa interview officer must be made aware about your intent to return to India upon completion of your study program. If the officer suspects otherwise, he / she can reject your study visa application.

That’s why you must be well-prepared for study visa interview. Connect with us – we can help you cover every topic that you may encounter during your study visa application interview. 

Reason # 5: Medical Conditions

Most, if not all, top study abroad countries have rules regarding students’ medical conditions. Nearly every one of them mandates students to provide a medical fitness certificate from a registered doctor. Non-submission could result in study visa rejection.

Have a medical condition and want to be sure if your study visa application would be accepted or not? Connect with us for guidance, and rest assured that we will respect your privacy. 

A bright student must have every chance to further his / her academic ambition; study visa rejection due to process related matters should not be their concern at all.

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