Study abroad ambitions – Step-by-step guide to fulfil them​

So, why do you really want to study abroad? Which top international study abroad destination could be the right match for your higher education pursuits? If you have more than one interest, which study program should you choose? How to go about selecting college / university? When should you start the process? All said and done, what about finances? And hey, where are you going to find reliable student housing options?

Questions are good. Questions are the keys that open doors of clarity. Questions are your best friends to realize your academic excellence and study abroad ambitions. Let’s unlock one door at a time…

The reason

Getting to study abroad is a dream come true. But why do you dream this dream? Is it because your best friend is going? Is it because you fancy a staycation away from family? Or is it simply because you want to ‘experience’ living abroad for a while? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, do not pursue the dream.

If you, however, want to pursue academic excellence, want exposure to global career landscape and perhaps want to eventually settle down by opting for PR opportunity then you must do everything to fulfil your dream. Do it for the right reasons, or don’t do it at all! 

Identifying interests

Choosing an appropriate country for your choice of study program is probably the most important of decisions. Let’s say, as an example, you choose to study in France for engineering. It may not be a suitable choice. Neighbouring Germany would be a better country to study engineering. 

There is a possibility that you have more than one academic inclination. For example, you are interested in Big Data and Fintech. Which of the two programs should you choose? Which country would be apt for the final chosen study program? Do your research – on the programs, career opportunities, tuition fees, choice of colleges, etc. – and then make an informed decision.

You can also reach out to us to help you identify the right study program and a matching college / university for your academic aspirations.

College / University selection

Be fair to yourself. You may want to study STEM at MIT, but are you grades up there? Or are your finances? If yes, sure – go for it. If not, then be realistic. Pursuing STEM in the U.S. for example, could be a great decision. So would be knowing that there are many colleges – not as demanding as Ivy league – which provide top-quality STEM education.

The same logic applies for any country. Accounting, engineering, architecture, pharma, supply chain management, logistics – Canada is a top country for all these study programs. But which college / university in Canada? That is the moot question. Connect with us, we can help you choose better.

Student loan & accommodation

Many students may require student loan to pay for the tuition and living expenses. We have a page dedicated that contains exhaustive details about this important aspect of studying abroad. Details such as how does student loan work, what are the steps, terms & conditions, when to avail it, how much to avail and lot more is covered. Click here to read.

Student housing is another important aspect of studying abroad. Living in a safe and positive environment is non-negotiable. We have a dedicated page for student housing as well – it can help you find suitable housing options from the comfort of your own space. Click here to read.

As a parting note, we would strongly advise students to desist from using study abroad opportunity to enter a country for availing unskilled job or employment opportunity. The chances of deportation and destroying your future are quite high. Please be wary of people making false promises, don’t fall in their trap.

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