Studying In Australia

Studying In Australia – Worth it or not?

There are nearly 450,000 international students studying in Australia as of January 2023. Nearly one-fourth of them are Indian students. So then why does this blog’s headline pose a specific question? To help our students understand facts in order to make an informed decision.

Advantages of studying in Australia

  1. Quality Education: Many Australian colleges and universities enjoy top global rankings. Their education is top-class and so is their faculty. The facilities are pro-students and these institutes promote campus recruitments. Everything that a student desires
  2. Scholarship Opportunities: The Australian government has allocated nearly 200-250 million AUS$ for scholarship grants. The grants are awarded based on merits, ranging from 2000 AUS$ to full scholarship. If you want to study abroad in Australia and apply for a scholarship, you should be starting your preparations well in advance of chosen / upcoming intake.
  3. Professional Growth: Australian degrees, especially in Masters programs, hold a lot of value. These are covered under AQF – Australian Qualification Framework – which has a very high international reputation and presence. Studying In Australia can set you off to a high-flying global career
  4. PSW & PR Opportunities: Australia has recently announced up to 6 years post-study work eligibility for some programs. There is a high probability of a permanent residency after successful post-study work experience in Australia.

Disadvantages of studying in Australia

  1. Expensive: Studying in Australia could be more expensive compared to studying France, Germany, Poland, for example. The tuition fees are on a higher side, and so is the cost of living. But in all fairness, the cost could be covered during PSW upon getting a professional opportunity
  2. Travel & Transportation: Australia is down under, literally. Studying in Australia for Indian students means spending that much extra on airfare. They may have to think twice about visiting India during summer breaks. Moreover, public transport systems in Australia leave much to be desired. They are expensive and may not cover the entire  stretch. Planning accommodation therefore becomes a crucial aspect of studying in Australia
  3. The Internet: As surprising as it may sound, Australia – despite being a developed nation – does not have great internet connectivity. It could be challenging for students who may require constant and high-speed internet. There could be a way around though – researching about the internet speeds and connectivity issues of the city you’d immigrate for studies
  4. Cultural Issues: Although Australia is a land of many cultures, some Aussies may not be very tolerant towards other ethnicities. Some incidents of racism have been reported. But then such indifferent idiots are found everywhere.

Every country presents its own set of unique opportunities and challenges. As a student, you need to carefully weigh what works in your favour and then choose accordingly. You can also reach out to us to know more about studying in Australia.

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