Ireland the global ICT powerhouse

Ireland the global ICT powerhouse – What’s in it for Indian students?

Ireland, unarguably, is the global hub of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. This tech segment accounts for nearly 7% in direct employment and 30% in indirect employment. 13% of Irish GDP is driven by ICT.

The numbers are fancy alright but, what are the benefits for Indian students choosing Ireland for study abroad? Before we answer that, it’d be practical to understand how Ireland rose to be a global tech giant in just over two decades.

Investment in quality education

The future of any society, country and specialty is built on a solid foundation of quality education. Ireland’s education framework – the system, processes, faculties – is the best in Europe and ranks among top-5 in global educational frameworks.

The Irish government realised how important ICT would be in the future, and have invested significant resources since the nineties. Study programs were developed keeping their practical applications at the forefront. They created a skilled workforce required to boost their ICT infrastructure and voila; Ireland is now the biggest exporter of software products in the world.

Over 40% of packaged software and 60% of business application software sold in Europe is produced in Ireland.

Raising the benchmark of educational institutes

Ireland’s globally renowned education system lays a strong emphasis on research and development. This attracts top faculties from across the world, inspiring and preparing international students to excel in their chosen specialty.

The faculties are also encouraged to modernize educational methods, or modify topics – within the permissible framework – in the interest of their students. Such an open and forward-thinking approach has raised the benchmark of Irish colleges and universities. It is no wonder that 8 of 26 Irish universities rank in the global top-100!

Benefits for Indian Students

Bright Indian students choosing to study abroad in Ireland can expect top quality education and great global career opportunities. How so?

  1. Irish educational institutes, as covered earlier, prepare students to take-up real-life professional responsibilities – their study programs are modelled as such
  2. Ireland offers up to 2 years post-study work visa to post-graduates. It’d be easier to get the visa, and open the doors of PR in Ireland if the employment falls under the list of skill shortage or critical skills occupation
  3. Ireland is a headquarter-hub of global tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Hubspot, Apple, Oracle, IBM, Gartner… the list is long, really long. So, obtaining post-study work opportunities should not be a difficult task
  4. Degrees from Ireland are accepted globally. A few years of work experience in Ireland can open doors to global career opportunities. Even otherwise, educational credentials of studying in Ireland could be enough to place you in a global professional environment

The fast growth of ICT has changed socio-economic equations in Ireland. The country envisions to be the world’s largest software products provider at least for two – three decades. Skilled professionals would be sought-after to fulfil such ambitious visions. 

As an Indian student, you’d be in the thick of things should you choose to study in Ireland, if ICT is your academic and career calling.

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