Positive habits of effective students

You may have read or heard about such topics many times before. In all likelihood, your parents too would have frequently pulled you to this subject. As a bright student pursuing academic excellence in one of the top-ranking universities at a top study abroad destination, reading it one more time would do no harm. So here it is…

Habit # 1 – Mind Over Matter

Success in academics, like in any area of life, is not an accident. You already know about it. A lot of hard work and preparation is needed – in not just getting good grades, but understanding and absorbing knowledge – and that needs a strong mind.

An aware student knows that there are plenty of distractions and pursues excellence despite them. An aware student also acknowledges his / her strong and weak points; he / she adds to the strengths and works towards weaknesses. This habit is the foundation of their successes.

Habit # 2 – Eat Healthy, Sleep Plenty

Regular, on-time, sufficient sleep and healthy food habits are the hallmarks of successful students.  They’d go any lengths to keep sickness away and to recharge their batteries. Science has proven that eating regular and healthy meals aids concentration, so does sleeping on-time and enough hours.

These students know their priorities – Instagrams and YouTubes of the world have little or no effect over them. 

Habit # 3 – Learning From Mistakes

The only mistake worthy of regret is one that nothing is learnt from. A bright student is not discouraged by mistakes, rather learns from them and uses them to further his / her cause. This positive attitude goes a long way in shaping the future.

Look at any top academician or successful ‘venturists’ of the day; you will observe that this habit has been the primary source of overall growth and development in every one of them. Sundar Pichai, Indra Nooyi, K. Sivan… The list is long, really long.

Habit # 4 – Asking Questions

Curiosity is a key quality of successful students. It’s like their second nature; their hunger for knowledge is insatiable. They are often the ones inundating professors with questions, and getting the better of them too. 

Not shy of asking wrong questions – in fact there is no concept of a ‘wrong’ question in their mind – curious students are often the ones to transform the world. Heard of APJ Abdul Kalam? Or Swami Vivekananda? Or thousands of other such luminaries?

There are several other qualities that lead to success, such as – being disciplined and organized, setting goals and taking breaks, practicing time management, seeking help when needed. The ones listed above are the top four habits rated by successful students of life. 

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