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Who wants to be a Win’ionnaire?

Apparently everyone. But how many are willing to or are prepared for taking failure in their stride? Very few.

The old and wise will often say that one can’t know the true meaning of achievement or winning if one hasn’t failed. And they are right every time they dole out this wise ol’ nugget.

This is relevant even more so to students. The young and ambitious people – more than a third of global population – can learn a lot quickly if they can accept failure as an inevitable part of growth. How so, you may ask.

Let’s say, you are a student studying abroad. You have taken first few steps in exploring and realizing your potential. You are given an assignment – academic or extra-curricular – in which you fail miserably. 

You could either choose to respond to the situation positively – observe where you went wrong, or what went wrong. Identify the room for improvement and how to better tackle external circumstances if the failure was indirectly or directly caused by an outsider. Put these insights to practice.

Or you can choose to react in dejection. You can be like: Oh no. Here I am studying in Australia / Canada / U.S. / U.K. (or wherever you may would be). I have failed myself and my parents. I am no good. How will I ever finish my Graduate / Masters program!

Do you know the ones who fulfill their academic and career aspirations are often the ones who choose to respond rather than react. You just need to read biographies of those you consider successful and you will find this fact in their story.

You may think – easier said than done. To which we would respod – easier said and done.

So, the short point of this short blog is to encourage you to accept failure as a part of life, and learn from them in order to achieve desired success. Good luck.