These are skills needed for future, hone them now – Part 1

Business, engineering, architecture, law, medicine. These specialties and skills are everlasting; they will continue to command the employment space for eons to come.

Businesses have to run, things have to be built, technologies have to be invented or innovated, people will require healthcare, societies will need law & order. Hence, pursuing higher education in these specialties at one of the top international destinations for career opportunities would be an obvious and a reasonable choice of many students.

Equally true is the fact that hundreds upon thousands of new specialties are emerging – in banking, finance, technology, sociology, communications, computing tech, biosphere, etc. The question therefore is this… the future is here, and are we ready for it?

We better be, if we want to thrive in these exciting times. One of the best ways to be prepared for the future is to stay ahead of it. By either upskilling, or better, pursuing higher education in the skills that’d be inevitable for future successes. Here are some of the top ones:

Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT is passe, its old already. And many of us haven’t even been introduced to the concept of AI properly. That is the breakneck speed of AI development. Businesses are already using hyper-automation and business-intelligence tools in their process automation. These tools are powered by AI.

Of course, developing understanding and skills needed to interact and operate AI is not going to happen overnight. Which is why you must – if you are inclined towards AI – pursue Masters Program in AI & Machine Learning.

Recommended study abroad countries for AI & Machine Learning: U.S.A.IrelandU.K.

Cloud Computing

Roughly 120 Zettabytes of data is generated every year (that’s around 330 million terabytes!). And will grow ten-fold in the next few years. How and where would companies and people store this galaxy of data securely?

Enter Cloud Computing. It is one of the most valuable and sought-after function by businesses of all sizes. Developing cloud computing skills can help you secure a career in organizing and managing processes of companies and businesses of all sizes. 

Recommended study abroad countries for learning Cloud Computing: IrelandPolandU.K.


To oversimplify this often-misunderstood specialty, Blockchain can be characterized as a solution that searches a problem before the problem develops. Yes, it is a highly specialized skill and it does need a certain ‘nerdy’ knack for it.

If cryptocurrency and trading is your thing, then perhaps you already have a hang of Blockchain. If you don’t fully understand it but may want to pursue it, do read blogs and watch videos before you dive deep into this matrix.

Recommended study abroad countries for learning Blockchain: IrelandU.S.A.U.K.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills are much sought-after by large corporates as the function involves in solving both, vague and specific problems. You may ask – what is the role of H.R. and management then? Fair question; but do realize that management cannot always direct every aspect of the workflow which means there could be roadblocks which result in lack of efficiency.

Strong critical thinking is a formidable skill that instils confidence in your employer about your ability to overcome any challenge by thinking outside the box.

Recommended study abroad countries for learning Critical Thinking: IrelandGermanyFrancePoland

The list of skills for future is really long. We will try to cover as many of them in the next three or four blogs. In the meantime, connect with us if you have any queries regarding study abroad options for these skills, or the ones you want to pursue.  

Please note: Recommendations are given based on study programs trending in the respective countries.

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